Everyone should have the opportunity to Travel the world, see different cultures and other ways of life.

S0 grab your backpack and book that flight and take the first step.

The experiences that are lived in a backpacking trip can change your life. Through time backpackers have traveled thousands of miles,to different cities and places,  each with different travel experiences and each with many great new friends on their return.

In Europe, most people want to travel spring and summer. Traveling in these times has advantages and disadvantages.

Pros: If you are young, you can make friends. There will be young people with backpacks everywhere. It’s hot and very pleasant. There are also events, concerts of all kinds and festivals in many European cities.It’s is an great time to visit the Mediterranean..

Cons: Everything is more expensive. There are annoyances like buses and trains are fll or delayed. This happens sometimes in Spain, especially in August, when the summer holidays begin. There is difficulty, even, in finding Hostels. It is possible to see backpackers who thought they were going to one city and stayed in another, because they did not find lodging.

In terms of economy, it may be cheaper to visit Europe at the end of autumn or in winter. Hostels, services are  better  because there are fewer people. And there are still other backpackers with whom to share experiences. 

Tenerife:  All year round Tenerife has brilliant sunshine.    Prices are great at any time and you will rarely find yourself struggling to get a bed for the night.