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Brackley, Corby, Daventry, Kettering, Northampton, Rushden, Towcester, Wellingborough

For UK travelers going abroad, we recommend Tenerife, with feel of the UK yet all the sun of Tenerife. Read an extract below from More Ketchup than Salsa, the story of a English couple who left the UK to set up life in Tenerife. Info on how to buy the book can be found below.

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Below you will find short extracts from More ketchup than Salsa by Joe Cawley – not to be missed.

Short Extract

Joy had instigated this trend by offering to provide ‘work experience’ to one young holidaymaker who had followed her round all week awestruck, and announced, with all the seriousness that a six-year-old talking about careers could muster, that she intended to be a waitress when she grew up. Naturally this set a trend with other children. ‘Can I help, can I help?’ One week we had a supplementary staff of nine junior Smugglers cleaning tables, washing glasses and delivering a round of drinks – one at a time. In times of extreme business it was helpful to have extra glass collectors but sometimes it wasn’t possible to get behind the bar without trampling on at least a couple of mini recruits. We have a table reserved for eight. Name’s Connaught-Smith.’ The man leaned into Joy as if facial proximity would overcome any possible confusion. He wore beige slacks and a long-sleeved silk shirt topped with a gold cravat. The other members of the party were equally eccentrically attired. One lady wore what appeared to be a resting stoat around her neck. They swept through the bar towards table one like a troupe of variety performers. One of the party made a show of running her finger along one of the tabletops and shared the result, aghast.

Brackley, Corby, Daventry, Kettering, Northampton, Rushden, Towcester, Wellingborough

Not only have we got sodding gangsters on this side,’ he jabbed a thumb over his shoulder, ‘you’ve got them next to you now as well. Only worse.’ Charley’s a gangster?’ I said incredulously. No. But her boyfriend is. She’s going out with James Priory for goodness sake – J.P., the Mr Big. That man parked outside is James Priory’s minder. We’re all living in the middle of a war zone!’ In addition to the previous night’s revelation and subsequent sleepless night, we had another problem to deal with in the bar the following morning. Buster had taken to spraying anything and anybody that remained motionless for more than thirty seconds, and the stench was becoming unbearable. I could delay the inevitable no longer. It was time he met the manhood scissors.

Mario had installed a dishwasher, which we promptly uninstalled. It was proving just as efficient to wash by hand as the machine would take the best part of an hour to trudge through its cycle. Not only that, close inspection revealed that it was the home of probably the cleanest community of cockroaches anywhere in the Western world. The damp, warm interior provided their perfect pied-à-terre, a veritable holiday camp of spindly beasties waiting to jump out from gleaming crockery. Proportionally, the little things in life shouldn’t scare the big things. But it happens. It was a common sight to see a bar load of adults fleeing from one side of the room to the other just to avoid being anywhere near a two-inch insect. Of course, the bug realises the terror it can cause. Think of the power trip it must be on, scattering people like a motorbike in a ballroom. It’s believed that the cockroach is the only creature that could withstand a nuclear holocaust and thereby take over the world. If those aspirations were being considered, we were doing our utmost to rain on their parade. One of our more common purchases was Raid. At the cash and carry it was the pharmaceutical equivalent of buying condoms. You hid a couple of cans between the beans and frozen chips before making your way sheepishly to the checkout.