Tenerife Long Term Lets

Please note:  We do our best to ensure that agents who make this list are reputable but we do NOT vet them.  Please do your own due diligence and use common sense. No-one on this list should be charging a finders fee or commission.  Admin costs should be no more than €200 and that information  MUST be declared up front.  No other fees.

List of Tenerife Long Let Agents and their Administrations Fees (images are clickable)

Agent Contact Admin Fee
 via Stewart Astley  no fee
Olican Gestion Inmobiliaria, Helen Cork  no fee
Stuart Woodward Stuart Woodward    € 75
Nikki    € 75
Stuart Smith   € 150
   Martin Cahill   € 150
    awaiting data
  awaiting data
  awaiting data

Warning:  I cannot control what adverts Google puts on this page,  If you follow one it’s possible they will charge fees.  It’s more likely they will post Tenerife holiday lets rather than long term lets.  Please take care when leaving us to follow adverts.  The scammers are hard at work taking deposits on holiday homes in Tenerife when they do NOT own or have anything to do with them.

Another useful article for tenants from Janet Anscombe

“Sometimes prospective tenants are asked for a deposit of more than the equivalent of one month’s rent, but this is uncommon, and if you are prepared to consider it, make very sure that it is in fact for a refundable deposit, rather than a non-refundable agent’s administration or contract fee, which is a frequent charge when using a rental agent. It is important to determine the nature of all monies handed over, and for them to be specifically identified in the contract, along with the fact that they are refundable. Needless to say, you should get individual receipts for all monies handed over, whether deposit or monthly rental payments.”

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