Weather in Tenerife in August

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Historical figures taken from Tenerife South Airport
Max.temperature in Tenerife in August is 27 degrees on average with 10 hours of sun a day.
Rainfall in Tenerife in August nil. Average Humidity is 73%.

Tenerife weather in August is just about as good as it gets if you are a sun lover.  In the south you are guaranteed sun with no rain, and pretty much the same in the North as well.  It’s also a time when the kids are out full swing as it’s school holidays.  This means your holiday will be more expensive and there will be a lot of kids round the pool and on the beach.


Max.temperature in Tenerife in August is 21 degrees with 6 hours of sun a day

Graph also shows low temperatures and humidity

If you prefer a more moderate climate, you might want to give August a miss and consider September or October.  Some people, especially the older generation prefer the weather in Tenerife in the later month as it’s less overwhelming yet still more than sunny enough to be considered excellent weather.


Rainfall in Tenerife in August is zero