Everyone should have the opportunity to travel the world, see different cultures and other ways of life.

Backpacking in Tenerife

Tenerife has fantastic weather – the southern part of the island has warm temperatures throughout the year.

Caving:  Tenerife has many walking, hiking, camping and caving options the most popular being the Cueva del Viento, a set of volcanic caves formed when the Pico Viejo volcano erupted.

Friendly Locals: Tenerife locals are always happy to befriend visitors and make them feel at home.They will welcome you by inviting you either for a fiesta or family party.

Cheap Travel: It is best to use the bus (Bono Card)  as it will cost less in the long run and give you the chance to interact with locals and learn more about the island. 

Amazing Beaches and Animal Parks: Tenerife is known beaches which have golden sand or dark volcanic sand. You can walk from your hostel to most beaches in that area. Playa Tejita beach is one of the largest natural beaches in the island.

Hiking Trails: Check out the trails with Andy Tenerife Walker or try our Free Tenerife Trips.

So grab your backpack and book that flight and take the first step.

The experiences that are lived in a backpacking trip can change your life. Through time backpackers have traveled thousands of miles,to different cities and places,  each with different travel experiences and each with many great new friends on their return.

Backpacking Adventures

Tenerife:  All year round Tenerife has brilliant sunshine.    Prices are great at any time and you will rarely find yourself struggling to get a bed for the night.

If the budget allows, stay with us aboard out luxury yacht and indulge in fishing, golfing, diving or whatever takes your fancy.