Tenerife Theme Parks

Theme parks in Tenerife are a great way to have fun with the family. There’s everything from treetop ziplines and suspension bridges to water flumes and wildlife encounters to enjoy. Whether you want an action-packed adventure or a relaxing day catching the sun, there’s a Tenerife theme park to suit.

Loro Parque (Loro Park)

Loro Park Tenerife

Loro Parque is a world-famous adventure park and one of the most beloved animal parks in the Canaries. From their incredible facilities, will transport the animal world thanks to the magnificent reproduction of their natural habitats and their four world class shows, among which stands out the spectacular Orca Ocean, a natural paradise, thanks to which, always you will keep an unforgettable memory of your holiday.

Discover the Antarctic in Planet Penguin which houses an iceberg with over 200 penguins. Take a seat at Orca Ocean show and enjoy the strength and agility of the orcas. Marvel at the acrobatics of dolphins that defy gravity. In addition, the sea lions will make you laugh and brightly colored parrots will fly close to your head.

Loro Parque boasts an amazing aquarium and shark tunnel: you are getting face to face with magical creatures that inhabit the oceans and rivers in the aquarium. You’ll also find an amazing shark tunnel, one of the most impressive natural predators.  The Sea Lion Show where laughter is guaranteed as these playful marine mammals tease their trainers. Possibly, this is one of the funniest shows of sea lions that have ever seen.  The original Loro Show – you’ll be amazed with the talent and ingenuity of course friendly parrots at Loro Parque their your own show.


Siam Park

Siam Park Tenerife

Come and enjoy the largest theme water park in Europe.
Each attraction is a unique experience in a magical setting that combines the exotic mystery of the ancient kingdom of Siam, with the thrilling adventure of exciting slides.
An experience you can not miss!

Siam Park is one of the most spectacular water parks in Europe, creating a new dimension of aquatic fun,  its magic, beauty and quality attractions: slides, pools, vertigo jumps, artificial beach, lazy river and artificial waves for surfers.

When you enter at Siam Park, the sea lions are the first to welcome you. But this is only the first of many surprises that this fascinating park. The slides are the most spectacular in the world.  The lush settings, natural gardens and exquisite oriental architectural design, make Siam Park a unique place where all the family has fun. For those who prefer relaxation and tranquility, it offers various possibilities with its white sandy beach, exotic views and relaxing walks in the clear waters of a slow river, the largest in existence, you can enjoy the Palace of the Waves; where visitors find surf giant waves up to 3 meters; Mai Thai River, the largest lazy river there; Jungle Snake, where you can roam around inside; The Naga Racer, one of the best experiences for a family toboggan race; The Giant, The Tower of Power, or the Lost City, where children have their own space.  For celebrating special moments like birthdays, events, celebrations of companies, etc., Siam Park also offers exclusive facilities for every occasion, for example, two paradise islands where it is possible to organize cocktails and gatherings for over 200 people; Internet-equipped private cabanas, bar and privileged access to attractions. In addition, for special dinners Siam Park has 2 restaurants, one Thai and one on the beach.


Monkey Park

Monkey Park Tenerife

Monkey Park is a small zoo specialized in primates, although he also can find numerous exotic birds. It is located in Arona, Tenerife south, follow signs to reach we provide below. The zoo opened in 1991 and participates in various breeding programs of endangered species. In this sense we can not give many details, but what we’ve seen on the web, because they would not greet us and tell us some interesting data
When you arrive you will see a small seating area with several tables, coffee machines, soda and “goodies” as well as a showcase with gift items. This area seemed very nice to have a coffee before starting the visit, even to eat.
What sets Monkey Park from other zoos is that there are several areas to those that can be accessed and be with the animals, feed them, touch them … This is nice, in fact it is a unique experience, but we found one hand, a bit negative, for example in an area of ​​ring-tailed lemurs were, in our opinion, too many people, touching them and giving them food, a bit “chaotic” and this does not seem very positive for animals. In our case we prefer that each has its place and teach the kids that animals are not toys.
Apart from this, the impression of our visit was generally good. The gardens are very nice, you will see a variety of flora in the area, cactus, succulents, palms … all made with very good taste and very well maintained. You will also see that there are benches along the way to sit a bit in the shade of a tree.
At the beginning of the tour you will see a pond that will cross by a wooden bridge, it is a very pleasant place where you will see some crocodiles and some turtles Cuba. After this, you will come to the area of ​​the enclosures in which you can enter with animals, there are several interconnected where you will see guinea pigs, parrots, iguanas, turtles, and friendly ring-tailed lemurs. It notes that every time there is a Monkey Park employee checking that everything is in order.
Then it passed to the site of lemurs Red face, beautiful, which you will see very closely, and several cages with different types of marmosets. Once past that, there is access to a more open area, you can view photos in the gallery where you will see many types of monkeys, marmosets … and many exotic birds: parrots, lovebirds, turacos, black parrots, cockatoos, macaws etc a joy to watch.
The enclosures are generally pretty good, with details of environmental enrichment for the sake of its inhabitants: branches, vegetation … and almost all are fairly large.
When you’re headed and the end of the route will go through another area of ​​lemurs and marmosets (contact them) and you will see a small snake, a good addition to the also very educational visit for children.
In short, the price is pretty cheap, offers a unique opportunity to see and interact closely with some animals and participate in breeding programs for endangered species, so it is a very interesting visit.


Jungle Park (Parque Las Aguilas)

Jungle Park Tenerife

Jungle Park is a jungle of wild vegetation that is located in one of the most valuable natural areas south of Tenerife. The park borders the nature reserve of the massif of Adeje and Barranco del Infierno, and geographical formations as spectacular as the Roque del Conde.

In the park you can find around 300 different animal species, highlighting the following: a pair of white lions (there are only 27 copies worldwide), a pair of white Bengal tigers, a diverse representation of raptors (highlighting a Los Andes condor with 3 meters wide and 15 kilos of weight), a significant number of exotic birds, primates, crocodiles, alligators, raccoons, birds of prey display etc.La is certainly an amazing show.

The power of exotic birds such as parrots, macaws, parakeets or calaos. You travel from the forest, through a ropes course, bridges, tunnels and passageways. And if you run out of breath, climb on Bob, most fun way to tour the park at full speed. Jungle Park is part of the Aspro-Natura Foundation, set up to support research and protection of marine and bird life Spanish native.


Camel Park

Camel Park Tenerife

Just 10 minutes from the resorts of Los Cristianos and Playa de las Americas, we can find the Camel Park, in a very pleasant rural environment where you can enjoy rides camels. Located on a large estate where we can find goats, donkeys, ducks, chickens, gray parrots and dogs. Camel Park has a restaurant called “The Hill of the Moon” where if we want, we can enjoy a nice lunch with typical food or Mediterranean.

The Canary Islands have a a very suitable climate and vegetation for the life of camels. Camel Park offers the possibility of a different excursion, in contact with nature and where you can enjoy landscapes rarely seen by many visitors.



Aqualand Tenerife

Aqualand is the only Water park and Dolphinarium in Tenerife and the stars of the park are the dolphins, intelligent and loving. Moreover, it is a park with water attractions for the whole family, and a world of waterslides multitude of forms and heights where you can feel strong feelings or enjoy relaxing moments.

Aqualand is home to the only dolphin show of its kind in the Canary Islands. Awarded the label of best dolphin show in the world, the exhibition is a dazzling display of the intelligence, strength and agility of these amazing animals that can race at full speed, jump incredibly high and perform aerial acrobatics. Aqualand Costa Adeje in the south of Tenerife offers the perfect show to complete a fun day out spent between rides and swimming pools.

Thrill seekers will love the slides at Aqualand Costa Adeje, one of the largest water parks on the island of Tenerife. Tsunami, Ciclones, and Gravity stand at over 60 feet high, while Rapids and Kikazes focus on speed.


Pueblo Chico Theme Park

Pueblo Chico Theme Park Tenerife


A park on the Canary Islands, with 1:25 scale models of buildings and landscapes emblematic of our archipelago. Twenty thousand square meters spectacularly landscaped, dedicated, with its models, the Canary Islands, which celebrates a decade in Tenerife. The history of the islands, rural areas and the modernity of the city compete to attract the attention of visitors, all wrapped in a spectacular landscaping and urbanization in miniature full details.
A unique walk where you will find all the details of our magnificent architecture of our splendid nature, our past and our impressive fondest habits. A park with a special charm in a magical setting.
Inside the park you can enjoy the new attraction, the impressive zip “FLYING”, of course !! 140 meters, you will fly on Canary! Also “Chirinchico” the canary market, you can enjoy tapas and traditional cuisine. You can also buy products and souvenirs island crafts. In the Secret Garden restaurant offers international cuisine, where you can enjoy a terrace with views of Mount Teide and the sea.