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Warm, but never uncomfortable, throughout the year makes Tenerife a perfect place to enjoy the sun and sea and the activities that take place in it.

But that’s not the only option; check out the lunar magic of Mount Teide, the island is a small puzzle of landscapes that seem to compete in a beauty contest: impressive gorges, lush forests and deep valleys with picturesque blooming villages proving the ability to adapt to the environment of its residents. Its fine dining, entertainment options and know-how in the field of tourism are added to the wonders of the environment to provide everything you could want from a holiday destination. Your dreams have never been closer to reality.

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Fish: The Tenerife cuisine draws on traditional foods. The dishes, simple but delicious, are a reflection of that. As in the rest of the Canaries, “the old man” is one of the most typical fish. Served with traditional Canarian potatoes, meat is delicious. Los Abrigos Fish Restaurants Other fish very much on local tables are bocinegro, dentex, sardine, tuna or cherne. Catch your own!

Meat: The rabbit and pork are the most popular in Tenerife . They may be accompanied by the ubiquitous wrinkled potatoes, chestnuts, very present on the island, and gofio basically bartering. This last ingredient is one of the few native islanders of Aborigines who continue to use canaries warmly today.


Puerto de la Cruz: The historic center of Puerto de la Cruz has a large and attractive commercial offer. The lively atmosphere of the streets portuenses and terraces, cafes and restaurants are attractive effective shopping and use your credit card.  Costa Adeje: In this touristic many modern shopping centers. In Costa Adeje, as in other commercial areas located in tourist locations, many electronics stores, perfume, jewelry and international fashion, with many items at relatively reduced by the special tax regime governing the Canary Islands.

The interior

So many and so beautiful that it would be impossible to name all the people of interest hidden in the valleys and mountains. Unlike today, in the past people fled the coast, preferring the wilds but more fertile interior.

Its design and location on the crest of a cliff or in the depths of a valley, the ingenuity to show that its inhabitants were forced to subsist. A narrow mountain roads will take you to the end of the world landscapes, where forget the beach for a day and discover a hidden side of the island, greener and wilder.

If you are visiting the southern highlands of the municipalities of Arona and Adeje, where villages have preserved their traditional architecture, a flowery streets and especially the smile of its people. Another route is the great beauty that goes from Osora Guide to Santiago de Teide, with small villages that seem to defy the mountains.

In the area of Puerto de la Cruz we recommend the Orotava Valley, with a gentle slope dotted with palm trees and tropical flowers that falls into the sea with the majestic backdrop of Mount Teide. The old town of Orotava takes the cake for the beauty of its streets, welcoming the best examples of civil and religious architecture of Tenerife . Do not miss Realejos rural prints, its vegetation truly picturesque and photogenic villages.


Playa Fanabe: The calm waters of this beautiful blond sand are perfect for both children and adults to have fun. Set in one of the most tourist places of Tenerife , in the water you can enjoy a wide range of activities: sailing, windsurfing, jet skis, skates bananas and others.

In its vicinity there are a variety of shops and bars, they always entertained with music. Its restaurants feature a wide array of options and above all with fantastic sea views.   Playa del Duque: It is very similar to the previous one as it is right next door. A series of dykes protect its large sand waves making it a perfect place for the whole family.  The Hotel Riu Palace Tenerife and the Hotel Riu Arecas are on a small hill from where you can enjoy beautiful views and refreshing breezes Atlantic. A few steps take you to the golden sands of the beach.  Playa Paraiso: Its main attraction is the beach itself, which is small. The best thing about this place is the spectacle of the waves crashing against the large rocky cliffs, with the island of Gomera in the background and the majestic Teide behind.

The area is also one of the best places in Tenerife for the “baptism” of divers, or what is the same, the first dive bottle. The ClubHotel Riu Buena Vista is on the rocks, with direct access to the sandy cove gray.

Puerto de la Cruz

Playa Garden: Its fine volcanic sand are protected by a large breakwater jutting into the sea protecting streams. The Puerto de la Cruz has always been a special destination. Has welcomed visitors since the early nineteenth century, always trying to keep his identity and a certain exclusivity. The promenade along the beach has fountains, sculptures, exotic gardens and benches to admire everything, making it a very pleasant place not only for swimming but also to relax and enjoy.

Another unique attraction is Lake Martiánez, a set of eight saltwater pools carved into the rock by the Canary artist Cesar Manrique. The creator always got along with nature and this is another example.  volcanic stone ponds adjoin the sea and fed it through channels, are lapped by turquoise waters. We must understand that it is an artificial creation, but the product of an artist who tamed the sea. While ocean waves break violently against the walls of the complex, children bathe in the calm waters of what a singular, beautiful and safe place to spend a holiday in Tenerife .  The Hotel Riu Garoe is 1km from this place and the beach, with superb views and surrounded by subtropical vegetation.

Teide National Park

Violence volcanic Teide, with its 3.718m is the highest peak in Spain, created volcanic cones, Badlands, rocks, ash and twisted lava that give the area a particularly barren and eerie appearance. The colors, shapes and landscapes are of singular beauty, all under the watchful eye of the great volcano that dominates the landscape, and the Guanches called the “Echeyde”.

Using a cable may be raised to 3.550m, standing very close to the highest point. The Teide is not only the highest point in Tenerife but throughout Spain. The spectacular views from its several viewpoints you will repay your camera.

A variety of trails through the park, but if motorized also enjoy beautiful spaces like Ucanca Valley: a broad depression dominated by high cliffs offering a lunar landscape.

The seemingly austere environment contains important native plants like tajinaste red, rose the Guanche, the broom and the Teide violet. Although the names sound weird, these plants are especially beautiful and unique. Invertebrates are the most important species in the park, with more than 700, in which 50% are endemic.

The Corona Forestal

The green ring around the Teide forest give away spectacular panoramas with the silhouette of the great volcano as a backdrop. One of the most characteristic of Tenerife is 46.500 hectares of highland Granadilla: a white cliffs shaped cones that are the result of the action of the wind and sea on volcanic rocks.

Cliffs of the Giants

These large vertical walls falling steeply to the sea is one of the most spectacular scenery of Tenerife . Some of them can be up to 600m high. An almost tropical vegetation dominates the area, adding a touch of exoticism.

The profile of these great giants is impressive, with its large silhouette that plunge one after another in the water. The original inhabitants of the Canary Islands, the Guanches, attributed magical properties to this place. When you visit this place is enough to understand why.

Loro Parque in Puerto de la Cruz

As the name suggests, this place houses a large collection of parrots, especially the world’s largest with around 350. But animal diversity does not end there. Loro Parque is also a complete zoo with tigers, gorillas, chimps, alligators, pelicans, big cats flamingos, sea lions, and even a magnificant giant tortoise from the Galapagos Islands.

The Loro Parque can also boast the biggest European dolphinarium. The daily shows are certainly impressive and include the same dolphins and sea lions.

Whale watching

Ecotourism is fashionable and Tenerife know. From different points south out daily excursions to spot whales and dolphins that populate the strait between the coast and La Gomera. The most common species are pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins but you can also see whales and belugas.

Approach is regulated and restricted, but the boats do actually approach, to the extent that at any time any of these animals will splash after leaping or backlash.


North Coast  Real Club de Golf de Tenerife: The second oldest course in Spain still retains a typically British. His extensive undulating fairways are shaded by towering pine trees. The spectacular views of Mount Teide is a gift that this course offers.  Costa Sur Golf Abama: In this delightful course await palm forests and fantastic views to the island of La Gomera.  Costa Adeje Golf: The environment that dominate ancient agricultural terraces and slopes from the area that respects the field perfectly. The sea and the island of La Gomera will accompany you throughout the tour.  Golf Las Americas: In the heart of Playa de las Americas, is designed with an amphitheater and has fantastic views of the vast ocean and mountains.

Sport Fishing

The rich, abundant marine life in the waters of Tenerife offers lovers of sport fishing more than one lure, the most famous is the Blue Marlin. Also known as billfish, can exceed 600 kilos and can indulge in an exciting exercise of skill. Other very common species on the coast of Tenerife are tuna, swordfish, mako or gold.


This sport is becoming more popular and has become a regular activity for visitors to the island. The routes and cruises along the coast offer adventure, sport and fun. Enjoy the coast of Tenerife while accessing beautiful places inaccessible by land, or lands in small hidden beaches.


Its biodiversity, a privileged climate and the sea almost always calm make Tenerife a paradise for a holiday “under the sea”. Wrecks, caves and volcanic tubes are the ideal hideaway for goldfish, huge mantas, moray eels and many other species. The island has a complete network of centers available for experienced or beginners.  waters of Paradise Beach are recommended for novice divers. Since it’s a dive where you can swim among octopus, trumpet fish, cuttlefish and especially enormous, playful eagle rays.  Another point of great interest is in the Puertito. Its rocks are hidden octopus and eels, but the highlight is the two turtles carry their chosen area as home.

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