Exchange Rate in Tenerife

Looking for the best exchange rate in Tenerife?

Any amount exchanged and Gift Excursions offer an extra half point on larger amounts. You can find their daily exchange rates on their facebook page.

As well as having one of the best exchange rates, they offer some of the best excursions at more than reasonable prices.

Find them in Adeje at Calle Bruselas , Centro Comercial, Fanabe

Best Exchange Rate Tenerife


What about Online Currency Exchange?

If you have very large amounts of money to exchange on a regular basis the it’s a great idea but really not worth the effort for holidaymakers.

TransferWise and CurrencyFair are sound companies if you want to send money abroad. If  you need regular currency conversion to euros then one of these 2 is an absolute must unless you want to burn your hard earned cash.

Both CurrencyFair and TransferWise offer competitive exchange rates that are significantly better than the big banks.

  • TransferWise offer exchange rates are close to the open market rate.
  • CurrencyFair also offers a Peer to Peer service or ‘MarketPlace’ that, in some cases, beat the market rate.  You may need to wait longer for other CurrencyFair customers to match you.

“After much research and experience with Currency Fair I decided they were the better option.  I get pretty much close to the bank rate every time.”

best tenerife currency exchange

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Dublin-based  CurrencyFair set its sights on the business market, aiming to take on the banks when it comes to performing currency transactions.

The company was recently named the cheapest currency exchange company for transferring money abroad by Which? magazine.

CurrencyFair was compared against eight banks, money transfer services such as the Post Office and MoneyCorp, and rival startup TransferWise. CurrencyFair came out top for transferring £10,000, ahead of TransferWise, with the banks coming in last.

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Best Exchange Rate Tenerife