SMS Virus Alert from Spanish Police

Police issue an alert re. a powerful virus that affects mobile Androids.

An SMS invites users to click and install an application software, and forwarded to contacts.

Image of the message transmitting the virus

What the message looks like.

The specialist Technology Research Unit (ITU) of the Spanish National Police have warned of a powerful virus being transmitted between mobile users with the Android operating system.The virus arrives via an SMS from a colleague that says “is this your picture? “.

After clicking this link, the mobile then asks permission to install an app called PhotoViewer.apk which can access your address book and your GPS position.In the event that the user accepts this invitation, the application instantly begin sending all our contacts this message causing a chain transmission.

In this situation, the Technological Research Unit advises that immediately delete this sms.In the event that you had already authorized this application, you have to look on your smartphone, because no icon appears this app – go to settings, and there, in applications you can delete this app which holds the virus.

In addition, the user must go through the file browser app and click on the folder tree to find the virus and delete it again.  Also locate the file: ‘com .ccgame . pool’ and proceed to deletion.  You need to complete all 3 deletions to be sure of eradication.